Breathe Easy With COPD

If you have been recently hospitalized with a COPD exacerbation, or are trying to prevent going into the hospital, then this program is for you.

What is Breathe Easy With COPD?

Educate - Empower - Encourage

Breathe Easy with COPD is a unique program designed to reduce hospital admissions through education, COPD yoga, and encouragement. The education provided will be focused on medications, disease state awareness, and best practices from local pulmonologists.


What causes COPD? Learn about COPD signs, medication and more!


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Live Events

Join us for our live COPD yoga classes every week in the Clermont Arts and Rec Center.


Breathe Easy With COPD is coming to a hospital near you. Have your medical office contact us to sign up!


What will I get out of COPD Yoga?

Most people feel better overall. You will be able to do more things without becoming short of breath. Your COPD symptoms may improve. You can expect to feel less short of breath, more energetic, and more in control of your COPD.

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Live Classes

Our live COPD Yoga classes are held each week at the Clermont Arts and Rec Center. Check out our schedule!